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Privacy Policy - Great Whiskies has some 'cookies' that can be placed on the user's computers. None of these programs is dangerous in any way, and all they are used for are tracking reasons. They are used by whisky companies to track where users come from. Also, these cookies store details about page visits, etc. which then is used by Google Analytics. The advertising on this website is by Google DFP, and they will also track the users are the follow around websites

Great Whiskies does use third party website, but we do not have control over the content that is on this sites, and therefore the users do so at their risk

Please also note that prices are shown on Great Whiskies, but can change at all time by third party websites. Also with whisky as some as a bottle becomes rare these prices can double in price over a very short period of time. Great Whiskies tries to keep all the prices current, but sometimes price changes happen quickly without our knowledge. So all prices on Great Whiskies are "subject to change and current market conditions"