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Great Whiskies - Drinkaware - Useful information about drinking Drinkaware website has very important details regarding drinking and the effects drink can have within the body. Safe number of units to consume is discussed on the site together with the effect alcohol has on the number of units that are consumed. Also the site tells you when you should avoid drinking totally as this is very important if you expecting a baby or taking certain medicines.

There is also a law section that tells you the rules for drinking in the UK. If you like to know the laws of your own country your local government website should have these details. More information can be gained on the website link below or if you are living in the U.K call 0800 917 8282 (open 24 hours). On the drinkaware website there is a reader survey. If you have time, please answer the questions are this gives relevant information on the trends of consumers and the amount of alcohol that is being consumed. Within the links' page, there are some excellent links regarding safe drinking and what drink effect can have on our bodies.