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Welcome to the page on Great Whiskies that gives you an excellent selection of Blended Whisky from Scotland. Blended whiskies are one of the fantastic types of whisky that have come out of Scotland. For people who do not know much about whisky, they tend to think that Blended whisky is a 'poor mans' whisky with just leftover from distilleries putting their whisky into a blend. But that is so far for the true. There are so many different types of Blends, all with different ages, but all containing at least two different types of Single Malt from different distilleries. You then add your grain whisky into the mix, which is normally about 60% of the blend and you now have a perfect blend mix. All whisky must be at least three years old that is included in the blend. For example if you have a 15-year-old malt, and a 12-year-old malt and finally a 13-year-old grain whisky, the blend would take the youngest year and would become a 12-year-old blend.

It's a fantastic fact that nine out of every ten bottles of whisky that is sold worldwide are blended one. Blended whisky is the heartbeat of the whisky industry in Scotland, just because of the worldwide sales involved.

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