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Jack Daniel's No7 (Black label) Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Information regarding Jack Daniels No.7 Black Label

Jack Daniels is a world-wide brand and famous for its square bottles. This bottle is the most favourite one for most bars in the world will only costs you about £24-25 and is great with coke from a personal experience. The Jack Daniel's Original was one of the first whiskies that I tried and in a way got me into whiskies.

If you are looking for the same bottle in a 3 litre you can buy this for £109.95 at

The black label bottle has the class to go with the price and was started to be bottle in the early 1980's. It has a strength at 45% which is 5& higher that the Original. I have never tasted the stronger Jack Daniels Black label, but will have to soon to find out the difference between this and the Original.

Distillery Details for Jack Daniels No.7 Black Label

Jack Daniels is a very famous brand name and is the oldest registered distillery in America where whisky has been made for over 140 years. Jack Daniels distillery is set in Lynchburg, Tennessee one of the dry counties in the U.S where it is illegal to drink or buy alcohol. Of course you are allow to distil and that's why the distillery is still in production.

State law does allow Jack Daniels to sell one brand within the state and is the only company to have this exception to the rule within this 'dry state' and so no other brands can be legally sold. The famous name of the whisky "Old No. 7" is still a bit of a mystery and hard to find details why this became the name of one of the world most marketable brands where , but legal to distil. State law does let the distillery sell one of it's products only within the county and is the exception to the rule for the rest of the county. Jack Daniels is among one of the world's best-selling in whisky and they will continue to go from strength to strength as there market share increases and worldwide consumers of whiskies fell it such a unique brand and like no other whisky they have consumed before.


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